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Houston Metro Officer Indicted After Video of a Brutal Assault on an Unarmed Black Man Surfaces. What’s Worse Is The Officer is Black.

September 28, 2016

Less than a year after joining the Houston Police Force, Metro Officer Jarius Warren has been indicted after video showed Warren brutally beating an unarmed man. The commuter, identified as Darrell Giles, appeared to be sleeping on a bench near the light rail when officers approached him. Giles was repeatedly poked and prodded by Warren and his partner with little response. Eventually officers did wake Giles and directed him away from the bench. Giles later returned to the bench to sleep. Warren and his partner found him the following morning. Warren used his Baton to repeatedly beat the man over the head and ribs, even after pulling him to the ground. Two internal affairs investigations found he used excessive force and should be fired. Warren chose instead to resign. He has since be indicted on criminal charges. Watch the full video below.

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