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Don’t Believe the Hype, The Bond Between Black Women and Men is Strong

0ctober 3, 2016

 Listen to Why These Men Prefer Black Women

The war between the sexes in the black community has largely been exaggerated. If you took academic literature, articles, blogs and social media as queues, you would be under the impression that the gulf between black men and women is wide and irreparable. These outlets continually insinuate that most black men are predominantly dating and marrying non-black women and that black women’s chances of getting married are slim.The important thing to know is that these are lies and the data paints a much different picture.

Most Black Men Will Marry Black Women


According to the 2010 census, nearly 90 percent of married black men are married to black women. Only 7 percent marry white women.   The myth that black men do not want to marry or date black women is a myth so perpetuated in modern film, literature and media that it has become a common belief that causes an actual gulf between black women and men, with black women feeling betrayed and black men exaggerating stereotypes of black women. The actual census numbers should lead us to examine why the false narratives of the black divide have materialized and who they benefit.

Most Black Women Will Marry, Only Later in Life


By age 55, only 12 percent of black women have never married. 94% of married black women are married to black men. Before 1970, black women above age 18 were more likely than white women to be married. Now, black women wait until later to marry but still enjoy matrimony. There are several reasons that black women are marrying later than they did before the 1970’s. Governmental interference in black homes, incarceration, economic oppression of black men are certainly factors, but another more overlooked reason may be conservatism. Black women with children are less likely to bring another man in the home before the children reach relative adulthood than women of other races. After children are out of the home, black women start dating seriously again and marriage rates tend to spike.





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