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Black Minister Challenges White Churches to Speak Up About Police Violence #WhiteChurchQuiet

As outrage flares following police shootings across the country, Dr. Andre Johnson, a Memphis-based minister, professor and activist asks “where is the white church?”

The absence of white church leaders from the conversation surrounding police brutality indicates a lack of concern for what Johnson sees as an American humanitarian crisis.  Johnson took to social media to seek answers. Using the hashtag #WhiteChurchQuiet, Johnson launched a national conversation about the role of the white church in critical matters of social justice.

“With the continued slaughtering of unarmed black men across the country, sooner or later you would think church leadership, church folks, folks who claim to love Jesus would say something about the continued massacre of black bodies, so it was just time,” says Johnson.

Dr. Johnson, the pastor of Gifts of Love Ministries in Memphis says matters of life and death like police brutality require us to reconcile our faith. Johnson asserts that silence on matters of injustice is tacit approval and incongruent with the Christian faith.

“It always occurred to me that white churches were absent from these conversations, but this was the first time I posted my concerns on social media.”

Johnson is leading a series of discussions around the country on the church’s role in social justice.
Dr. Johnson, a member the Tennessee Progressive Baptist Council, a national coalition of black churches, committed to fighting social injustice, says it’s time to move out of comfort zones because our country is in crisis.


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