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Assange: “Trump Represents American White Trash, Clinton is Eaten Alive by Her Ambitions”

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange revealed the Clinton’s have been running a “pay to play” operation out of the Clinton Foundation.  Foreign leaders pay a few million dollars to sit with either Hillary or Bill Clinton. He also said touched on classism in the U.S., stating Donald Trump represents American white trash and that educated, middle class whites fear association with him and who he represents. Assange gave the interview from the Ecuadorian Embassy in Britain where Assange has lived for the last 4 years. Assange faces arrest and extradition if he should step outside of the Embassy.

The Clinton Foundation has received millions from Saudi Arabia in exchange for such access. Saudi Arabia has been revealed to be a major sponsor of ISIS. Despite having this knowledge, Clinton approved the biggest arms deal in the world with Saudi Arabia as Secretary of State. If nothing else, this should  raise some serious questions about where Clinton’s loyalty lies. Assange touched on the Syrian crisis and the accusation that Wikileaks is a Russian organization in this compelling interview.

Questions should also be raised about her trustworthiness. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Clinton Foundation claimed it did not receive any donations from foreign governments and filed that money as government grants on its taxes.

Assange predicts that Clinton, as the establishment’s choice, will win this election. She will do so without the public’s trust and the lowest approval ratings of any candidate. But what do the American people win? We should all be wary of a democracy reduced to a false dichotomy that leaves us with choices none of us want. We we vote counter to our values, we lose our power and our voice.

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