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F*ck Your Safety Pins and White Tears, From A Black Woman Tired of Pretending

November, 14 2016

eddy-murphy-white-tears( It is amazing to witness the white hysteria surrounding the election results. Today, I was embraced by a white male colleague, who searched my face for disappointment before asking if I was ok. “Yeah,” I replied, “Why do you ask?” “You know…just with last week…the election results,” he replied, looking perplexed that I wasn’t more distraught.  He goes on to say  “I am not concerned for myself. I have privilege in this country, simply due to my genetics and my race…not due to anything that I have done.” (The same privilege he denied less than a year ago.)  He continued, “Things won’t change that much for me. I am more concerned about my black friends, my gay friends, Muslims and undocumented people. I have friends who fit into all those categories.” I replied, “Well you know, black people were really screwed either way,” something  that clearly was not what he wanted to hear. As it was apparent that this was not an invitation to truly have a conversation and because it wasn’t my desire to cause him more “angst,” I listened, amused that I was being confronted in person with the very talking points I saw taking shape on Twitter over the weekend (the same foolishness  I prayed white folks wouldn’t take to their black co-workers on Monday) and that he actually believed himself.

camron-bitch-pleaseBut when I logged on to social media and saw the safety pins accompanying much of the same rhetoric, I couldn’t take it anymore. So is this where we are? Have white liberals, anxious to couch their disappointment at Trump’s win in something other than self pity,  now moved on from blaming everyone for Hillary’s loss  except for Hillary, to anointing themselves the moral pillars of modern society?  Rather than making serious effort to listen, understand and mobilize with the disenfranchised; white liberals are instead pinning safety pins on themselves to indicate to the world that they support black people, illegal immigrants, gays and Muslims. Profile pictures with safety pins are now flooding my timeline with the hashtag #LoveTrumpsHate. I don’t buy it.

fucking-impressiveThe self-serving nature of this gesture illustrates to me that white liberals are more concerned with being seen as good people than actually being good people. It is an astounding feat to launch national campaigns that absolutely dodge the issue. I mean, the hypocrisy they can tolerate without creating cognitive dissonance is pretty f*cking impressive. They get
praise and acknowledgement for being “good, decent people who stand up for what is right” for doing absolutely nothing more than wearing a safety pin on themselves.

fuck-youAnd as a black woman, I must say f*ck you and your safety pin. And while I’m at it, f*ck every other pseudo-humanistic, social media friendly, self-aggrandizing, ineffective, issue-ignoring, collective gesture you conceive next. Dear white liberal America, your safety pins do not create safety for me. You have turned a blind eye to the serious character flaws of Hillary. You have stuck your head in the sand when we have been on the front lines, fighting for our human rights and our very humanity. Your safety pins are f*cking dangerous. They make it okay to normalize racist behavior as long as it is couched in leftist rhetoric.
hILLARY.gifI am black every day and my blackness means my safety is uncertain. Yes, many days I feel unsafe simply because I am black. I think carefully before I call police for ANYTHING. I am  painfully aware that my humanity matters less to this country than white comfort. I am often put in peril because of white fear and assumptions, just like the thousands of black people in New York, who were harassed by police as Clinton stood silently by as “Stop and Frisk” was in full swing. I am aware that white people can make decisions that affect my entire life, just like more than a million black families that were permanently scarred by the Clintons’ “3 Strikes” laws that essentially incentivized state harassment of black people by providing billions in funding, with harsher punishments once they were in the system. I am aware that white labels can cost me my freedom or my life, just like the millions of black youth who face harassment and death– still seen as super predators after being labeled as such by our nation’s first lady.

orange-is-theI am aware that white people are usually only interested in my pain when it advances their own agenda, like millions of black people who have seen the civil rights movement appropriated and are maligned as the interests of other groups are put ahead of them. I am aware that I my value in this country hinges largely on how much I can be exploited, just like millions black American citizens who have been loyal for decades to the Democratic party only to now be shelved as the party fights to give sanctuary to illegal immigrants, driving down wages and job opportunities that once fed black families. I am aware that thousands of black voices are easily ignored by white liberals, just like the many Haitians who have vocally demonstrated against the Clintons, outraged that the Clinton’s interference in their elections that put their allies in power. Haitians told us this was done to make the looting Haiti’s natural resources easier. Clinton’s brother now holds a Haitian gold mining exploitation permit that outraged the Haitian Senate and pays the Haitian people only 2.5%. I am aware that facts, black traumas and black lives matter less to white liberals than their feelings and their self perception.

muslim-bullshitOh, and if you cared about the safety of your Muslim “friends,” Clinton’s financial ties to a primary supporter of ISIS (Saudi Arabia) which kills THOUSANDS of Muslims regularly, would have been a top concern before Trump won. So let’s cut the bullsh*t. Take the stupid safety pins off and spare me your hurt white feelings. Your hypocrisy is showing.

Now, Can We Talk…I Mean Honestly


Your outrage and white tears are not the result of concern for me, nor is your hate for the President-elect. What you are really upset about is the fact that Trump brought out a segment of white America you would rather deny–the part of America that hasn’t bothered to perfect the art of pretending to have tolerance the way you think “acceptable” white people should–the part of America that challenges your belief that white people are at their core, better, more sophisticated and gentile–you know, worthy of your pedestal  in western society. The part of America that is  honest about their poverty and who aren’t even “decent” enough to redefine what middle-class means so that they fit in it. The part of America that is honest about their belief that the interests of white people should come first in this country (a belief you share but would rather they do the heavy lifting.) Your disdain for at Trump supporters has nothing to do with their racism. You have proven you are willing to turn a blind eye to that. It has nothing to do with me. Your outrage is the result of  EMBARRASSMENT, not love or concern.


The Takeaways

What you should learn from this election is that a good number of us don’t buy your bull crap. We will not allow you to continue to malign us and think yourselves good people. We will no longer allow you to enjoy the luxury of our vote while ignoring our humanity and we are willing to endure a Trump presidency prove it.




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2 Comments on F*ck Your Safety Pins and White Tears, From A Black Woman Tired of Pretending

  1. Very PROFOUND observations. This is an articulation of reality that is sadly lacking from the National dialogue and is much needed. Ms Kirk has a clear head and shows it with this. We need to hear more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes sister yes.


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