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About the Agenda with Christian Kirk

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The Agenda with Christian Kirk started with a promise to provide media, especially to people of color, that reflects our values, culture and voice.

This is a promise I made to myself in 2012, when I walked off of my job as a news anchor in Mississippi, disenchanted, disappointed and completely ashamed of what I had become–a participant in a system that denigrated people of color and limited our images to stereotypes to suit system in which truth, black truth especially,  was inconsequential.

I had found that journalism, the industry I chose to commit my life to, was a farce. The league of critical thinkers and researchers I had set out to join since I was 12 years old did not exist. I was encouraged not to ask questions. I was directed not to dig too deeply. I was instructed to let things go.

I found that pseudo-journalism and capitalism combined to create an unsavory newsroom culture of hegemony, irresponsibility and anti-intellectualism. To be fair, this toxic mix is present in the cultures of many  business organizations, but in media, news in particular, the community was directly impacted. Dangerous stereotypes were reinforced that were used to justify violence, exploitation and exclusion of  entire communities.

I believed then and I believe now that journalism can do more than sell fear, pain, tribalism and recycled stories.  I believe that today, more than ever, truth in journalism matters. I believe journalism has the power to connect us through our stories. I believe that these stories from people who have been made silent and invisible for so long, can teach us, heal us and instruct us.

I started the Agenda to celebrate these stories.

Our culture is full of heroes—brilliant minds, philosophers, brave fighters, eloquent writers, gutsy and beautiful creators. I want their truths to be known. I want to share their unfiltered, un-tethered thoughts and experiences to be heard, respected and appreciated. I want to expand, honor and progress the black narrative. This is The Agenda with Christian Kirk.

Thank you for listening and for joining me on this mission.

Christian Kirk

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